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Title: 12 Days of Crossovers: Two Exorcisms That Just Didn't Take
Author: angel_grace
Rating: PG-13, for one some profanity and sexual situations
Pairing: Brooke Davis/Sam Winchester
Spoilers: General spoilers for season 5 of One Tree Hill. Not much else.
Summary: Sam and Dean Winchester are very good at what they do, but not even they succeed every time. One night, after a painful failure, Sam meets Brooke Davis, who is having a crisis of her own.
Disclaimer: One Tree Hill and Supernatural were created by Mark Schwahn and Eric Kripke, respectively. No profit is being made from the use of any of the recognizable characters.
Author's Note: Written for my own personal 12 Days of Crossovers fic challenge. Pairing and prompt provided by monimala

Two Exorcisms That Just Didn't TakeCollapse )

Dear Yuletide Writer

Dear Yuletide Writer,

This is my first year participating in the exchange, so I'm very excited--and nervous. I sincerely hope that my requests aren't too

A few things about me and my history in fandom... I first started reading fic around 1999, for JAG, of all things. That quickly set me on a path of UC 'shipping, as I was sucked in by Mac/Clayton Webb stories (and then it happened on the show, and TPTB ruined it, but I digress). After doing a lot of reading and lurking, it was Gilmore Girls that drew me into the more 'interactive' parts of fandom. I started participating in discussions of and writing fic for the show in 2001, I think, and I've never looked back. GG and Veronica Mars have been my biggest fandoms from a fic standpoint, but I've dabbled in quite a few others.

When it comes to writing, I stay almost exclusively on the het side of the fence (mostly because I don't think I'd have the first clue how to write anything else), but my reading tastes are more varied. Slash is fine. Incest isn't my cup of tea; neither is BDSM. I prefer my angst with a happy ending, and don't read many 'dark' fics. I mostly read stories in which couples find their way together, rather than being in established relationships. Any rating is fine.

Some thoughts on the specific fandoms I requested...

CupidCollapse )

Friday Night LightsCollapse )

LifeCollapse )

Some Kind of WonderfulCollapse )

And now I've probably rambled on far too long. Feel free to ignore as much of this as you see fit. If you're looking for more insight, my LJ is mostly unlocked, but my posting is sporadic at best. All my fic from the past several years is tagged as 'fanfic,' regardless of the fandom.

Thank you in advance for whatever you come up with--I can hardly wait to read it!



First and foremost, Merry Christmas to all who celebrate! The stockings were hung and all that, and mom is cooking breakfast as we speak. Yummo.

My first Yuletide was a smashing success, as I loved both my main story (What Happens In Vegas) and my Yuletide treat (Pink Cupcakes). Friday Night Lights and Cupid FTW!

And one last ado before the without further ado of my first 12 Days fic...2 prompt slots (conveniently, 11 and 12) still remain in my personal fic challenge. If you'd like to get in a last-minute request, act now by going here.

And now, without further ado...the fic!

Title: 12 Days of Crossovers: One St. Jude's Tie
Author: angel_grace
Rating: PG-13, for one use of profanity
Pairing: Julie Taylor/Chuck Bass
Spoilers: No show-specific ones, I don't think, for either Friday Night Lights or Gossip Girl.
Summary: A small-town girl in the big city. To Chuck Bass, that's pretty much catnip.
Disclaimer: Friday Night Lights and Gossip Girl were created by and are owned by people other than me. No profit is being made from the use of these characters.
Author's Note: Written for my own personal 12 Days of Crossovers fic challenge. Pairing and prompt provided by leobrat.

One St. Jude's TieCollapse )

With less procrastination than usual

Yuletide is finished! Written, checked, and uploaded today.

Man, I hope my recipient likes it. Eek.


12 Days of Crossovers UPDATE

Calling all fic prompts! Three slots remain in my 12 Days of Crossovers fic challenge! Even if you have already requested a pairing, the challenge is now open to you again. My only completely arbitrary and possibly unfair rule is that the pairings you request now must be different than any you already posted previously.

Please go here to post your prompt!



THIRTY-FOUR PAGES for the latest Gossip Girl recap?! Seriously, TWoP? That's practically a transcript.

And yet you couldn't even catch the John Hughes shout-out last week. Lame.

The Magnificent Van der Basses

Huh. Tonight's episode of Gossip Girl was...interesting. In loving memoryCollapse )


I realize that the portion of the Internet devoted to analyzing TV is still on the 'bash Grey's Anatomy bandwagon' and that it's still trendy to hate on Private Practice. I don't really care. I'd turn in my Cool Card, but I've never been cool, so there you go.

First up is PP, which I think has greatly improved since S1. The Addison I grew to love at Seattle Grace seems to be back, which is a key point in my enjoyment of the show. (The fact that they have--at least temporarily--abandoned her chemistry-less flirtation with Pete helps too.) In which Dell is both hot and opinionatedCollapse )

I really do think that GA has experienced a resurgence this season, regardless of Dead Denny. Going SoloCollapse )

I don't care if Monday's blue

Is it bad that I'm totally ready for the TV doldrums known as December? I need a break, people. In the meantime, though, some notes on Monday night...

I still find Gossip Girl entertaining, but much like The O.C. before it, Josh Schwartz has created a lead couple (or non-couple, as the case may be) that is simultaneously boring and annoying. The simplest terms and the most convenient definitionsCollapse )

Meanwhile, I'm so over Heroes that I have no idea why I'm still watching. Seth Green and Breckin Meyer were the only redeeming aspects this week, and they're guest stars. Every sixth episode feels like a giant do-over. There's no continuity. There's no plot progression. No one ever dies (except recurring characters that I actually like). The integration of storylines is practically nonexistent--it's like four separate shows that happen to share an hour.

So why can't I stop watching?

Also, if you have not already done so, please feel free to request a fic for my 12 Days of Crossovers Fic Challenge!

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