January 3rd, 2009

Charlie/Rachel, Damian Lewis, Life

FIC: "12 Days of Crossovers: Eight Hollow Point Bullet Slugs" (Charlie Crews/Veronica Mars) PG-13

Title: 12 Days of Crossovers: Eight Hollow Point Bullet Slugs
Author: angel_grace
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Charlie Crew/Veronica Mars
Spoilers: Miscellaneous spoilers for season 1 of Veronica Mars. General series spoilers for Life.
Summary: Sometimes being an FBI agent in LA means working with the LAPD.
Disclaimer: Life and Veronica Mars were created by Rand Ravich and Rob Thomas, respectively. No profit is being made from the use of any of the recognizable characters.
Author's Note: Written for my own personal 12 Days of Crossovers fic challenge. Pairing and prompt provided by monimala.

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