Gracie (angel_grace) wrote,

Putting the 'Pleasures' in Guilty Pleasures

Gossip Girl is back tonight, and I'm still loving it.

The Good
1. Nelly Yuki. In general, but also because she pretty much played Little J. Also, something about her mannerisms reminds me of if Lane Kim was raised on the UES.
2. The Colony Club ladies calling out Serena's abundance of boobage. *snerk*
3. DOROTA. Always.

The Bad
1. The complete and utter lack of Nate. Shouldn't he be there for the downward spiral (and, um, the eye candy)?
2. Anything involving Serena. Bleah. What a waste of space. And hey, show, thanks for the waste of time that was her entire relationship with Aaron. Whatevs.

The Bass
1. Ed Westwick nailed it tonight. The over the top histrionics of the funeral were gone, replaced by dead eyes and a lot of drugs. Heartbreaking.
2. Chuck and Dan totally need to hang out more.
3. Chuck and Eric still break my heart.
4. Yes, the scene on the roof was totally overwrought, but Ed and Leighton SOLD IT, and I loved it eighty gobzillion times more than the "I love you" at the limo.
5. Why, hello there, Dirty Hot Bad Wrong Uncle Jack. Why yes, I was totally thinking that it would be oodles of fun if you and Blair hooked up in some sort of freaky deaky Substitute!Bass!Sex, but good on you, show, for having it ALREADY HAPPEN. Awesome.

Also, I totally have a sinus infection, so the fic challenge is on hold.
Tags: gossip girl

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