Gracie (angel_grace) wrote,

Shut up, McGee

Clearly I need to continue to remind myself that reading the TWoP boards is an exercise in futility. Seriously, every time I venture there, I start to think I must be from another planet.

Case in point: the NCIS thread. Apparently, I am the only person in the world who doesn't think that McGee is the most awesome part of the show. I watch the show primarily for Gibbs and Abby, to a lesser degree for Tony, Ziva, and Ducky, and I resign myself to the fact that McGee is there. I don't find him funny, or charming, or attractive, or even interesting. It's not that I don't like geeks--I find the boys of The Big Bang Theory endlessly entertaining--and I'm pretty sure it's not that I'm so shallow as to dislike him because he's not as conventionally attractive as Gibbs or Tony. He just bores me. And frankly, you will never, ever convince me that Sean Murray got the role for any reason other than the fact he is Donald Bellisario's stepson.

But according to the posters at TWoP, Gibbs is a borderline abusive blowhard, Tony is an immature asshole of the lowest order (10 points if you can name that reference), Ziva spends all her time mooning over Tony, and Abby is an over-the-top annoying pain in the ass. Um, okay. I think I'll stay over here in my corner thinking none of those things. *sigh*

Needless to say, last night's episode was not one of my favorites. Mostly I found it boring, and I would have much rather gotten to find out more about Celia than spend time shoring up McGee's ego. Her willingness to cover for the other inmate, as well as confess to murdering the original skeletal victim, seemed to hint at a deeper story. But we couldn't hear that story, because we had to listen to stupid McGee on the phone with the effing auto shop. God, why couldn't they just shiv him?
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